Write at the beginning of the New Year, if you have time, come in and have a chat with me

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Sitting in the car, cervical spine because every day look at the phone too long, the right shoulder is always uncomfortable, sometimes pain, sometimes uncomfortable…I drive to and from work, and I used to drive day and night in Changsha.This has caused some discomfort in my upper limbs.The first day today is the first day, in my brother’s home Spring Festival, we brother and sister three people.This is the third Spring Festival since it has become customary to take turns celebrating the Spring Festival after the death of the mother.There used to be a mother, where everyone went to mother, now she is gone, become a home field watchman.We didn’t have a home to go back to every year, so we decided to take turns to spend the Spring Festival in the same family.Rare leisure brother’s new house has just been decorated, the environment position is good, decoration is very decent.People pushing and changing glasses, three drinks a day, my stomach really can’t stand it.The custom of the first day is to stay at home, do not walk relatives, visit friends, a day so eat and drink, let the children toss together.Pretty tired!The cold winter of a year has faded away the cold coat, and the warm days will come immediately. The efforts of a year will begin again, and the rare leisure days will be rare.My brother went to play cards. He was a businessman and loved it!I don’t!Before young, like lively, now only like static gas, that kind of card table smoke miasma, kill red eyes stroke money feeling, tired.I feel my whole body will be empty, because once it comes to money, it will be a protracted battle, tired of heart and physical strength.They these card friend phone urged me several times, did not promise, oneself quiet, much good, I am used to this kind of loneliness.I have no more than 40 years old, ordinary career, ordinary life, once the dream has not come true.Two children, a kind-hearted wife.We live our lives on our own, more than enough, more than enough.In this competitive society unknown to walk forward.I understand that in the dead of night, I would talk to my wife and say, “Well, you’ve been working so hard all these years.Follow me, busy for the family, the rest of our life we take good care of the children, step by step to improve their quality of life….”My wife, an understanding woman, listened quietly and agreed with me.When I was a student, I met her by chance in Hefei, and we have been together for 18 years.From girlfriend to wife, from wife to the closest lover, we have quarreled, had hysterical outbreak, experienced daily necessities, worldly wisdom, we are still together.Although the time wasted our face, but when the ten fingers interlock, there is more temperature, interdependent emotions.The children are thriving, and we have more understanding and understanding for each other in the integration.There are so many people in the world. Han Hong’s “There are so many People in the World” on the Spring Festival party is deep and full of emotion, and I am moved by it.We, ordinary people, have dreams, in this world we search up and down;Look for opportunities to lick the pain in the hurt.This New Year has just passed, and I feel like I need to keep looking for my purpose.Before the goal is extensive, always chasing stranded, and then continue to forge ahead, and finally in some helpless and again walk on the road.We in the chaos of a cloud, and then away, so in the road of life to walk, watching, understanding…Then I have my own way of life and my own life principles, in all aspects, being a father, a mother…The future I still have a long way to go, a lot of things to do, although I am very dull, but still want to chase dreams, to achieve their own wishes.Although I am stupid in some ways, I always have my own shining point, that is, I never lack the desire to dream.I have never been afraid nor give up. I always think that as long as I am alive, I will move forward, even if the way is muddy, without sunshine and cheers.New Beginning This year is the Year of the Tiger.I set a small goal here for myself, to make myself better at my job, to have more money, to improve the quality of life of my family….Write in the first night, I in the road of life all the way forward