Daishan opens up the remote island to borrow “the last kilometer” to boost the national reading with wings

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A few days ago, miss Wang who lives in cool zhi village of qu Shan town of daishan county opens pay treasure small program, online borrowed a “dream of red mansions”, whole journey operation only 1 minute time.”Now borrowing books is really too convenient, previously subject to traffic factors, our remote island readers borrow books more inconvenience, now stay indoors on the mobile phone simple operation, can complete the book borrowing, books can also express directly to the home.””Ms. Wang said.The software interface of network lending center is benefited from the construction of network lending center platform of daishan Library cultural living room project.The platform and the county library business automation management system, the city library unified certification system, express business system seamless docking, support multi-terminal, multi-channel user entrance, readers through mobile terminals and the network, to achieve online card handling, online inquiry, online ordering, express delivery of books integration convenient service experience.”Readers can search Jiatu on Alipay to borrow books, and can also borrow books through the Wechat official account of Daishan Library.”Yu Bo, director of Daishan Library, said, “The first borrowing needs to be bound to the library card, and those without a card can apply for the card online on Alipay.”At present, the online lending center platform has been built and put into operation, with about 11,000 books on shelves and nearly 700 books on online lending, making it through the “last mile” of book lending.Building the platform of network lending center is an epitome of daishan county taking digital reform as the traction, leveraging cultural work and doing a good job in the construction of “library cultural living room project”.In order to better connect with the basic cultural needs of the masses, improve the service efficiency of the library, so that remote island villagers can feel a good sense of borrowing experience, Daishan county actively create the application scene of “reading one thing”, with the new era of high quality digital public cultural services to build a new model of “nationwide reading” in Xiandao.Face brush is bringing libraries back to life through digital empowerment.According to the functional requirements of “borrowing, learning, communication, cultural creation and leisure”, the main library of Daishan County is being renovated.Reporters learned that the renovation of an area of about 2,470 square meters, the project total investment of more than 9 million yuan.”We will install a facial recognition authentication system, a book inventory robot, a reader inquiry robot, a big data real-time display screen, and add a sound library, VR experience area, electronic calligraphy experience area, immersive interactive experience area and other functional areas.”Yu Bo, the director of the county library, introduced that the transformation of the original space design and functional zoning of the library will bring different new reading experience to readers and make books more rich.In addition, the county library will add sightseeing elevator, improve the fire facilities.Currently, the project is progressing smoothly and is expected to be completed in early May.Audiobooks area 24 hours intelligent borrowing bookcase, realize self-help book card.In view of the grass-roots library difficult problem, daishan library plan in the county township population flow within a larger place point construction deployment of intelligent borrow bookcase, 24 hours a day brush (face), books, borrow books (net) also convenient huimin functions, such as better docking the basic cultural needs, break the barrier of the geographical space of public cultural services,Realize the county digital intelligent lending services overall coverage.Through this digital reform, the software and hardware environment of daishan County library will be greatly improved, which is conducive to the means, types and levels of enriching cultural services in the library and promoting the rapid development of cultural undertakings in the whole county.Daishan county culture and tourism bureau related person in charge said that the future will continue to deepen the creation of xiandao “nationwide reading” digital service model.Zhejiang news client statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com