King of Glory: Shard store update 15, love of life return, Sun Ce machine armor skin attack

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Original | bugs bunny chat game king glory will usher in a new period in 2.15 major update, in this update, including the skin back, new skin resources online, top-up pieces of welfare activities and store updates.This time, however, it’s not the new skin’s encore, nor the shard store’s update, but a much-anticipated skin’s encore. Let’s talk about it in detail: ①Before the Spring Festival, in fact, many friends are looking forward to the update of the fragment shop. After all, in this important festival, the update of the fragment shop may have unexpected harvest.However, the last shard store update, the online heroes and skins are not much changed, also let many players give up that time exchange.However, there are some good choices in the shard store update, especially in the Skin Shard store, there are two skins worth redeeming, namely Xiang Yu’s Light of the Sky and Zhen Ji’s Ice Dance.Basically, these two skins are a must-have for zero-chargers.In particular, xiang Yu’s light of the Sky skin, although it belongs to a very old existence, but its production and local special effects are very good.Is also many players in the 288 skin fragments inside, a skin must choose.The reason why this skin is so popular is because the wings behind it, like the angel King, give the player a good visual experience.As for Zhen Ji’s ice and snow waltz, it is mainly because the optimization of this skin is basically completed. Although the specific launch date has not been determined, according to the update of the fragment store, it is most likely to be launched at the end of the month. Therefore, friends who like this skin will not give priority to exchange, so as not to wait for the next time.For Luna’s love of life encore, really a little surprise to players, because this skin is originally a couple limited skin, before there were a lot of players called to return as soon as possible, but there has been no exact return time.In the first post-Valentine’s Day update of the year, luna’s limited skin will be back, and we have to say that the authorities are very concerned about players’ opinions.As for Sun Wukong’s wedding, according to the current situation, there should be no chance of an encore for the time being. After all, there will be sun Wukong’s skin in the encore for many times before, so if this skin wants to get the chance of an encore, it is very likely to attack like the love of life.In fact, for the love of life of this skin, players have such expectations, mainly because the production of this skin is good, and the original intention of the production of this skin, is linked to the Westward Journey, only this series of skin.Of course, for Luna this hero, personal advice is not easy to try, because in the passer-by game, Luna is very difficult to play out.But this time the love of life, but also on the line at the same time the skin exclusive action, so like this skin friends don’t miss it.If you miss the love of your life this time, you don’t know when the next time will be.③. Sun Ce mecha skin will be online for Sun Ce’s doomsday mecha skin, is also an unexpected joy, although there has been a revelation before, Sun Ce will launch a mecha skin, but such a revelation has not been officially confirmed, so a lot of players maintain a skeptical attitude.This time, the skin’s official announcement indirectly confirmed that the previous Revelations were true.And this skin of Sun Ce, also be regarded as with already launched two skins, belong to the same series, that is doomsday mecha.In fact, for mecha series of skin, I believe that many partners for the doomsday mecha is really looking forward to, so like the series of skin partners, can seize the opportunity.Although this skin of Sun Ce belongs to the legend skin of direct sale, there is no problem of late return and so on, but as a kind of imparting skin, only in the first week of online, there will be a good discount.As long as this week, then will restore the original price, so like mecha skin partners, can seize the discount opportunity.You know, the overall production of this skin is not bad, and there are a lot of details in the special effects show, so this skin, in fact, is worth buying.Of course, the specific effect of this skin, or to wait for the official line after just know.Ok, that’s it for today, so would you choose the love of your life?