The flower Festival at Camp one is waiting for you

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The sun was shining and the cauliflower was golden.This past weekend, the flower festival camp No. 1, located next to The Bamboo Village in Daoming Town, attracted many visitors to punch in.On March 12, Tang Jing, a member of the well-known chengdu band Rainbow Hall and a senior music producer, joined hands with rock musician He Yi to bring a spring folk feast.In the rape flower field, the musicians play guitars and tabla, but also with ancient instruments didgeridoo and innovative electronic instrument disc to achieve the ingenious combination of traditional and modern, playing wonderful music.Flowers, scenery, music, romantic spring scenery on one side, and melodious melody on the other side, make the harmonious spring day more charming, bring tourists a comfortable experience, travel sense.The folk feast was followed by kite drawing, improvisation and art performances.On March 13, at camp 1, dozens of children drew 30 kites and a team of intangible heritage craftsmen flew giant kites to send good wishes for the revitalization of rural areas.On the scene of kite drawing, Yang Longmei, non-inheritant of Daoming Bamboo weaving, gan Tian, bamboo installation artist, and Chen Zhenggan, young artist, impromptu creation of bamboo weaving and flower arrangement art, and in-depth discussion on the topic of art to enable villages.Cao Zhiyin, the earliest visual performance communicator in China, guinness World Record holder and champion of Amazing Chinese, was invited to give a mobile art performance at the art performance scene.Cao zhiyin controls her own body and objects to allow visitors to enjoy up to 100 visual effects.Dressed in Hanfu, “flower spirits” give bamboo gifts to visitors and interact with them in the flower field.During the following weekend of the Flower Festival, camp 1 will hold a series of exciting activities, allowing visitors to enjoy the beauty of art while appreciating the flowers.On March 19th, artists will be invited to set the table on the scene. The feast of sight, smell and taste will be integrated together to discuss how art and food add color to lifeOn March 19, the combination of traditional intangible cultural heritage elements and modern trend music elements makes visitors feel a colorful spring swing ism activity time where tradition and trend collideWith swing dance and jazz as the carrier and the unique scenery of flower appreciation Festival, ma La Swing Band was established at the end of 2015, playing classical jazz from the golden age of jazz: The Swing Age.Unplugged Folk Concert March 20th Unplugged folk concert lets visitors listen to the exquisite romantic activities created by the fusion of wilderness and music reporter: Lei Kairu Photo: No.1 Camp Editor: Zhang Haifeng Zhou Hong